PETVITAL Bio Fresh & Clean
Canina Pharma PETVITAL Bio Fresh & Clean 1 l

PETVITAL Bio Fresh & Clean

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1 l
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Canina Pharma PETVITAL Bio Fresh & Clean

Cleans effectively and permanently removes bad smells around the animal!

Specific micro-organisms decompose smell-forming residues such as sustainable as urine and excrement, so that covers not only smells but is literally destroyed. Organic contaminants with unpleasant smells are eliminated naturally.

Petvital Bio Fresh & Clean has been dermatologically tested, with the result "VERY GOOD", does not fall under the Biocidal Products Directive and is completely harmless to humans, animals and the environment!

Typical applications include:

  • Berths
  • Kennel and fenced
  • Cat Litter
  • Dog Basket
  • Ferret Enclosure
  • Rodent and bird cages and aviaries
  • Practice Facilities
  • Budget: rooms, furniture, carpets, textiles

Characteristics of Petvital Bio Fresh & Clean:

  • It cleans and removes smells of any kind of sustainable and environmentally friendly through microorganisms.
  • Urine, feces, manure, sweat and saliva smell-reducing.
  • Removes strong-smelling spot markers.
  • Elimination of breeding grounds from germs.
  • Reduces severe fly strike.
  • Eliminates smell in drains.

Application: Shake well before use. 100 ml to 5 l of water, mop wet and let dry.

Environmental Behavior: Harmless to humans, animals and the environment. Not toxic, sensitizing. The bacteria are not pathogenic.

Under EU Detergents: Microorganisms cl.1, less than 1% Anionic surfactants, fragrances pH about 7.

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UVP 14,95 €*
12,33 €*
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