Food Gerbils Adult
JR Farm Food Gerbils Adult  500 g

Food Gerbils Adult

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Saatavuus: Varastossa
500 g
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3,16 €*
6,32 €* / Kg
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JR Farm Food Gerbils Adult

This unique combination of a balanced complete food mix with natural fruits developed together with experts provides your gerbil with its original diet in your home.
The farm complex used supports the intestinal flora with prebiotic inulin (from the parsnip root) and the yucca extract prevents odours developing from urine.
The Adult mix provides all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary for an adult animal s life. This mix is the perfect choice for daily balanced and complete nutrition!
JR FARM Food has been specially refined with pieces of millet and apple slices and for gerbils.

Wheat flakes, red millet spray 10%, red millet, yellow millet, maize, pea flakes, wheat, wheat ears 5%, yellow millet spray, maize flakes, oat flakes, carrots 2.5%, rice flakes, graminaceous seeds, peanuts 2.4%, extruded cornmeal 2%, parsnips 1.9%, linseed 1.7%, meal worms 1.6%, spelt 1.6%, shrimps 0.8%, chicken 0.8%, beetroots, oats, carrot flakes, beef, cheese 0.4%, fish, yucca 0.3%, peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, fennel, black cumin seed.

Raakaproteiini 13.2%
Raakakuitu 6.7%
Raakarasva 5.4%
Raakatuhka 2.8%


Only refill the feeding dish when it is almost empty. Please give at most as much food every day as is completely eaten in 24 hours.

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