Insect Shield Dog Blanket
Scruffs Insect Shield Dog Blanket L
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Insect Shield Dog Blanket

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Insect Shield Dog Blanket


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Insect Shield Dog Blanket


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Scruffs Insect Shield Dog Blanket

Scruffs have partnered with Insect Shield to develop a collection of pet bedding and accessories, using Insect Shield built-in insect protection. The active ingredient is odourless and invisible, effectively protecting your dog against: Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks, Flies & Ants.

The active ingredient in Insect Shield called Permethrin, is a synthetic variant of an insect-repellent substance that occurs naturally in certain crystanthemum plants. The Permethrin is so tightly bonded to the fabric fibers that it retains effectiveness through the life of the product. This is well beyond the life of most performance fabric finishes.

The Scruffs Insect Shield Dog Blanket is constructed using light-weight fabrics, particularly suited for use during summer months. A soft, low-pile fabric is used to form  the blanket, with a contrasting herringbone corner patch. The two-tone design is accentuated with an olive green edge binding and distinctive shield logo.

These products can be used in conjunction with Flea & Tick treatments.

  • Constructed using light-weight fabrics, ideal for use during summer months
  • Odourless and invisible built-in insect protection
  • Provides effective protection for up to 25 washes
  • Safe for humans and dogs
  • Machine wash at 30°C. Do not dry clean.

Size Measurements
L 110x72.5 cm
XL 145x110 cm

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