Green Universal Pest Spray
ARDAP Green Universal Pest Spray 400 ml
ARDAP Green Universal Pest Spray EAN 4019181776600 - hinta
ARDAP Green Universal Pest Spray 400 ml  - hinta
ARDAP Green Universal Pest Spray 400 ml  verkkokauppa
Green Universal Pest Spray merkiltä ARDAP 400 ml  Arvostelut
Green Universal Pest Spray 400 ml  merkiltä ARDAP ostaa verkosta
ARDAP Green Universal Pest Spray EAN 4019181776600 - hinta

Green Universal Pest Spray

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Saatavuus: Varastossa
400 ml
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12,70 €*

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Anti-loinen spray

ARDAP Green Universal Pest Spray

For crawling insects with the natural strength of silica and biophysical long-term effects

ARDAP GREEN Universal Pest Spray For use against crawling insects, mites, fleas, ticks, ants, woodlice, silverfish, cockroaches, bedbugs etc. in basements, stables, gardens, camps and living spaces. Spray evenly over surfaces, paths and hiding places (nests, gaps, joints etc.) infested by pests.

Always shake the can well before and during use. Spray distance approx. 30 cm.

For sensitive areas, carry out a careful sample treatment first. The moisture which appears directly after spraying vaporises quickly, and leaves an even white film made of diatomic earth (natural kieselguhr). The film also clings to vertical surfaces, and can be vacuumed or washed off after pest control has been carried out. ARDAP Green has a strong dehydrating (drying out) effect on crawling insects.

The pests are covered in dust after contact with the active substance, and will die within a short period of time.

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14,43 €*
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