Organic Chicken Meal for Dogs Organic Chicken Meal for Dogs
Terra Pura Organic Chicken Meal for Dogs  5 kg, 1 kg

Organic Chicken Meal for Dogs

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Organic Beef Meal Terra Pura 4260123696016

Terra Pura Organic Beef Meal

Organic Chicken Meal for Dogs Terra Pura 4260123696030

Terra Pura Organic Chicken Meal for Dogs

Organic Veggie Meal Dog Terra Pura 4260123696054

Terra Pura Organic Veggie Meal Dog

2. Paino:
1 kg 5 kg
2. Paino:
1 kg 5 kg
2. Paino:
1 kg 5 kg
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16,91 €*
16,91 €* / Kg
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Terra Pura Organic Chicken Meal for Dogs

  • Cold pressed, thus the natural vitamins are not destroyed
  • 100% Cruelty Free, since no single commodity suppliers was tested on animals
  • Without molasses without antifreeze, therefore the pellets soft and disintegrate rapidly. A possible abrasion gives soaked a full feed portion
  • Because of the waiver of artificial aids may occur unterschidelichen lengths of pellets. this has.
  • No effect on the quality of the product.
  • Since these barely vitamins, minerals or trace elements without press cake or pomace.
  • Provided only with vegetables, fruits and herbs which are not suspected of causing allergies
  • With high-quality meat, which is dried in their own company
  • Only with ingredients that can be used as food
  • Very rich and is utilized well, so sufficient as a feed amount 1-1.2% of body weight

Chicken wings *, necks*, carcasses*, stomach*, heart* and liver*- 40%, millet*, apples*, carrots*, horsetail*, nettle*, sea ​​salt.

Raakaproteiini 22%
Raakarasva 12%
Raakatuhka 6.9%
Kalsium 1.18%
Kalium 0.89%
Fosfori 0.85%
Natrium 0.39%
Magnesium 0.18%
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