Bogaclean Flea Fogger
Bogaclean Bogaclean Flea Fogger 200 ml

Bogaclean Flea Fogger

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200 ml
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Bogaclean Bogaclean Flea Fogger

Bogaclean FLEA FOGGER is an automatic insecticide spray. It is a simple and reliable way of providing lasting relief from fleas, flea larvae and flea eggs - including in places which are difficult to access. It kills adult fleas immediately and terminates the development cycle of eggs and larvae. The finely atomised spray is dispersed throughout the room, making it particularly effective in rugs, carpets, pet baskets, cracks and corners.

  • Insecticidal, automatic spray for difficult-to reach spaces like cracks, corners,carpets
  • With plant-based pyrethrum from chrysanthemums, plus pyrethroid methoprene as a growth regulator
  • Reliable elimination of fleas (all stages of the flea life cycle)
  • Prevents the further development of larvae and pupa (growth regulator)
  • Long-lasting effect

Close all doors and windows. Remove animals, food and crockery, and cover aquariums with a tight seal. Place the spray in a central location on a raised and insesitive surface. Press the white plastic lug down until it engages. Leave the room for two hours and close the doors. The can will discharge automatically within a few minutes. Ventilate the room thoroughly for one hour. To sustain the effect, do not vacuum for 24 hours.

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