Lieblings Mahlzeit Mini Adult Poultry
GranataPet Lieblings Mahlzeit Mini Adult Poultry  2 kg

Lieblings Mahlzeit Mini Adult Poultry

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Naudanliha & Katkaravut
Lieblings Mahlzeit Mini Surf & Turf with Beef & Shrimps GranataPet 4260165190619

GranataPet Lieblings Mahlzeit Mini Surf & Turf with Beef & Shrimps

Lieblings Mahlzeit Mini Adult Poultry GranataPet 4260165186315

GranataPet Lieblings Mahlzeit Mini Adult Poultry

2. Paino:
2 kg
2. Paino:
2 kg
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GranataPet Lieblings Mahlzeit Mini Adult Poultry

GranataPet Liebling's meal Adult Mini Poultry is the deluxe high-premium whole food for adult dogs of small breeds. Especially the "lively little " require a special food because of their higher metabolic rate. Thanks Poultry & Potato easy to digest, this delicacy delivers your favorite highly digestible protein and at the same time valuable, easy to apply energy. Healthy Salmon Oil provides targeted support skin and coat.

Designed based on the latest findings from nutritional science this meal is very well received by fussy appetites and tolerated. Unnecessary ingredients is deliberately dispensed with the ingredients to achieve a high degree of compatibility. Therefore, this dry food is made without grains. The recipe is based on selected natural ingredients of the highest quality, carefully prepared in modern manufacturing process, and contains everything your dog needs for a long and healthy life.

The added pomegranate seeds give your dog a unique fragrance and taste. They are also particularly rich in natural polyphenols (ellagic acid). The targeted free radical scavenging, this may mean for your dog a cell protection function and an immune system booster. Thus, dog and human love for a long time!

Poultry meat (41%, dried and finely ground), potato flakes (open), potato starch (finely ground), poultry fat (8.5%), pomegranate seeds (6%), salmon oil (1.5%), vegetable fibers, minerals, yeast, chicory (0.5%, finely ground, FOS and inulin), Spirulina (0.1%, finely ground), New Zealand green-lipped mussel (0.1%, finely ground, naturally rich in glucosamine and chondroitin).

Raakaproteiini 26%
Raakarasva 15%
Raakatuhka 6.5%
Kalsium 1%
Fosfori 0.75%

Current weight

Daily requirement (not very active) Daily requirement (normally active) Daily requirement (very active)
2 kg 39 g 45 g 52 g
4 kg 65 g 75 g 86 g
6 kg 86 g 100 g 115 g
8 kg 108 g 125 g 143 g
10 kg 125 g 145 g 166 g

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