Bactozym 10 Kps.
Tetra Bactozym 10 Kps.

Bactozym 10 Kps.

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Tetra Bactozym 10 Kps.

Tetra Bactozym speeds up biological activity in the aquarium. Organic colloids naturally cover filter material and all surfaces with an invisible film to promote the colonisation of beneficial filter bacteria. This means that the first stock of fish can be added just 24 hours after setting up a new aquarium. Both water changes and filter maintenance can be performed without any serious loss of bioactivity.

- Carefully selected enzymes help to reduce water pollution and promote crystal-clear water

- Speeds up biological activity and simplifies the "run-in" process for new aquaria

- Creates a perfect environment to stimulate the growth of bacteria that are actively involved in the degradation process

- Facilitates and accelerates the settlement of nitrifying bacteria (breakdown of ammonia and nitrite)

- Encourages the decomposition of organic waste

- Both the water and filter can be changed without any serious loss of bioactivity

- Revitalises microorganisms that have been damaged or weakened by medicinal products

- Improved formula with highly active enzymes and spores for immediate, long-lasting results

- For all freshwater and marine aquariums.

Use the product when setting up a new aquarium, with every filter change or filter maintenance, after every partial water change and after treating the aquarium with medication.

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